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2011-11-24 12:30:53 by David08225

I don't use this account or this account name anymore, so I'm moving to a new account that I can neglect. (SomeGuyNamedDavid)

Wow, I haven't touched my Newgrounds account in a year. So welcome back to me, I guess. And still too lazy to make a flash. Meh. Those down there aren't mine, they're a friend's. I helped him with them a little and he just decided to co-author me. I don't know. Whatever.

First flash? ...not quite.

2009-07-16 19:26:54 by David08225

I submitted my first flash to the portal today, a simple timer using ActionScript for buttons so that it can be stopped, started, and set. Being my first flash, I didn't really expect it to do too well, and... I was right. However, it made it past the 100 and 150 vote marks, which is a start. Unfortunately, it had a score of only 1.46 after 200 votes, rather than the 1.60 I was hoping for. Oh well.

First flash? ...not quite.