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First flash? ...not quite.

2009-07-16 19:26:54 by David08225

I submitted my first flash to the portal today, a simple timer using ActionScript for buttons so that it can be stopped, started, and set. Being my first flash, I didn't really expect it to do too well, and... I was right. However, it made it past the 100 and 150 vote marks, which is a start. Unfortunately, it had a score of only 1.46 after 200 votes, rather than the 1.60 I was hoping for. Oh well.

First flash? ...not quite.


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2009-07-17 22:32:35

Sorry, too bad dude!


2009-07-27 16:35:27

Hey, guess what?


2009-11-24 18:19:59

Dude nobody cares. Live with it its called life. look at ur peice of shit game. and ur hating on my first game? lmfao you must lack something in ur life. Sad sad kid.

David08225 responds:

I really don't care much, actually. It was more of a test flash than a game, and I didn't really expect it to pass. Just because I said your flash wasn't good didn't mean I was saying my flash was good. And I wasn't 'hating on' it, I was providing constructive criticism, so that maybe you could fix it up a little and release a second version that would get better ratings. So yeah, thanks.